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Team: Meet the Team


Dr Kate Smith is a well respected researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health, School of Medicine, University of Western Australia. She is an Occupational Therapist and has lead over ten large scale projects on the the topic of Indigenous ageing well research studies since 2003.

In partnership with Kimberley communities her research developed the first culturally appropriate memory and thinking screening tool for older Aboriginal people who live in rural and remote areas.  Known as the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment tool or KICA. 

Recently she has developed a quality of life package for older Aboriginal Australians (Good Spirit, Good Life tool).
She is currently leading the 5 year randomised controlled trial evaluating a health service based dementia risk management program for Aboriginal Australians, known as the DAMPAA study.
She is co-chair of the National Health and Medical Research Council Indigenous Dementia Roadmap committee and member of the National Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care (NAGATSIAC).

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